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At Core Vision, we have been working with landlords, tenants and the buildings they work in since 2001. A lot has changed since then, of course, but a lot hasn’t.

We still see the tension and unease some people feel in the place they spend a lot of time in. The feeling that they just don’t belong. And we’ve seen a steady increase in the number of people who feel that mounting pressure. They go at it alone, break down, burn out.

Most people feel this way because they don’t know who to lean on in a building brimming with strangers. But that’s why we exist.

By catalysing bricks and mortar into inspired communities, we spark happier living. By curating meaningful experiences, we humanise our encounters with one another. And that’s important, because people need a place to belong.

Through groundbreaking tech, we activate places like that. myLocus redefines the way people live and work. For landlords, tenants, and the friends we’ve yet to meet.

What we believe

Every person and place is unique
Connections bring us together
No hidden agendas

Every person and place is unique

Connections bring us together

No hidden agendas

We are people who do things a little differently. This means thinking big and taking risks on new ideas.

And we see the same potential in the commercial buildings we work with. Every historic office space,  every hole-in-the-wall cafe, every dormant community. We believe it’s our mandate to help activate these buildings into buzzing communities.

We see connections as the spark that brings us together. It’s infectious. That’s why we’re obsessed with making sure people have a chance to meet and connect with each other.

It’s what brings the large buildings we work with closer together.

We find being true to ourselves is important. People know what they’re getting with us.

The myLocus portal was created based on this philosophy – that people also deserve a product designed to enrich their day without any ulterior motives.

Our goals this year

Floors using the myLocus portal
Increase in portal adoption rate
New features built
Awkward elevator conversations avoided
Cups of coffee treated for colleagues
CO2 emission grams reduced by cycling
Increase in Facebook friend requests
but we want to achieve so much more

We catalyse bricks and mortar into inspired communities for people

Explore all the ways our market-leading portal, myLocus, can turn commercial spaces into places where people can truly belong using leading technology